Context Aware Adaptive Software Stacks for Mobility

Composer is a solution for context-aware personalized & dynamically provisioned capabilities, applications & services to autonomous vehicles.


Humans are very good at adapting to and driving in very different conditions and environments. Complex AI based software such as Autonomous vehicles (AV) are biased by the training data and they do not do well in different contexts.

New generations of users expect mobility experience to be personal, seamlessly integrated, and connected and desire alternative mobility options.

Current OEM platforms are closed & proprietary. Autonomous driving and connectivity demands immense computing power. It is hard to make sense of large volumes of rich & continuous data coming from the car, the user behavior and the environment.


Cars are becoming digital, connected, autonomous and shared. In-vehicle technology shares data with other vehicles and platforms. 5G and V2X connections are a reality. Electrical vehicles are already on the roads.


Environment perception and context awareness can be used to adapt and deploy complex networks of AI systems that are expected to perform safely on many different environments and edge cases. Typical Autonomous Drive (AD) software stacks provide localization, object detection and tracking using an array of sensor data. Additional sources of information such as V2X connectivity, passenger behavior, person-to-device mapping, urban context, degradation of traffic etc. complements the sensor data that can be used to describe a context. This context is used to predict and adapt the system of software and applications that are deployed to the vehicle.

Context Aware Software Stack for Mobility (CASSM) describes a model based approach for definition of a software stack for complex systems such as those found in autonomous vehicles. Machine Learning is used to detect a context and adapt the software stack, which can then be used to identify and deploy services to autonomous vehicles. CASSM will be an open source in-vehicle delivery of context-driven services and applications. Composer is a solution for context-aware personalized & dynamically provisioned capabilities, applications & services to autonomous vehicles.

We believe the future of mobility experience will be driven by open technologies and collaboration.

  • On-device extreme scale and near real-time adaptive systems offload AI and critical decision making to the vehicle
  • Personalized & dynamically provisioned capabilities, over-the-air services and applications
  • Foster community and echo-system from anyone, anywhere; Open sourced Architecture, Design, Implementation & Runtimes for community driven innovation
  • Secured and verified nodes, devices, containers and storage


For OEMs, mobility and connectivity solutions, our product provides ready, scalable, expandable platform that has edge computing, on the air service & application provisioning.

No lock-in; Our product has open APIs, Services, and Hardware Design.


  • Personalized; Our platform is specifically designed for adaptive autonomy and experience with on-demand application and services delivery
  • Edge; In-vehicle AI platform
  • Extreme scale; Helps make sense of large volumes and variety of behavioural, diagnostics and contextual data offline
  • Open; APIs, Architecture & Technology


  • We have delivered solutions for our customers in three continents, for over fifty international companies from six diverse industries for more than 17 years
  • DMA -Turkey’s first electric vehicle maker awarded with EU All-Electric Vehicle Type approval certification are fitted with OpenCanvas turning data into meaningful energy management insights
  • IGA – Istanbul Grand Airport Electric Trucks servicing aircrafts are fitted with composiv help bring data insights and charge scheduling for non-stop operations