Eteration LABS, is a division established in 2015 by Eteration A.S. in ITU ARI Teknokent, to explore new information technologies. Eteration LABS driven research and development is an integral part of Eteration’s company strategy and is the source of our competitiveness and experience.

Building LABS

Eteration has been a world recognized software services provider in or enterprise IT for over 17 years. Since its inception in 2002 by its founder Naci Dai, the company began to explore innovative and offer open sourced tools and runtimes for the enterprise. Our first innovation Lomboz was an open-source Eclipse tool for the Enterprise Java development quickly became the de-facto tool for millions of developers. In 2004 we have joined forces with others to start the Eclipse Web Tools Platform project as a founding member. After 15 years this project is going strong with better and newer features and downloaded and used by millions today.

In 2006, Labs decided diversifying its exploration into new areas such as smart homes and IoT technologies building tools and runtimes for embedded systems; The Research and development studies are supported and financed by the European Union grant ITEA Osiris, OSAmI Commons and M2M Grids focused on creating enablers for a dynamic cyber-physical information business ecosystem connecting the physical world with the business processes of companies in real-time.

In 2010 the labs produced a plan to establish an “Cloud First” strategy to develop future technologies. These works was not intended to reproduce the already existing cloud technologies. Instead, it was to be an initiative to extend these offerings for pioneering work in advanced IoT, automotive, industry and enterprise applications. We have established research cooperation with ITU and varios industry consortiums Electric Vehicle Platform and Advanced Automotive Technologies clusters.

At Labs, we believe that our involvement and commitment to open source is a differentiating value for our clients. With project such as Eclipse WTP and OpenCanvas, Labs play a leading role in the evolution of open source in automotive and cloud native enterprise — and how we leverage that experience to deliver world-class offerings and solutions that benefit our customers.